Can We Help Your Community Store?

Outback Stores works on a fee-for-service basis with community owned stores Australia-wide.

What changes will the community see if they decide to work with Outback Stores?

Once Outback Stores starts managing the store, the community will see a well managed store that is employing and training local people, offers a range of well-priced goods and healthy food with a strong focus on fresh fruit and vegetables.

A store manager selected from Outback Stores’ fully qualified store management team will be appointed in consultation with the community to run the store. They will work closely with the community and listen to their needs to help improve the community store.

Guidelines on how the store owners and Outback Stores can work together will be listed in a management agreement contract, for example, no book up will  be allowed and any profits of the store cannot go to individuals. The store committee needs to work with the community and Outback Stores to make sure the store is supported.

Outback Stores can loan small amounts of money to a community for new equipment to help the store operate more effectively.  This is available for profitable stores only

What will Outback Stores do when a community contacts them?

When a community wants to know more about Outback Stores, a Business Development Manager will make a time to come out and meet members of the store committee, community councils or talk at community meetings to tell the Outback Stores story and answer any questions.

If a community decides it would like to start talking about a management agreement contract, Outback Stores will conduct a ‘health check’ of the store business.  This includes having a look at the store building to see what improvements can be made, talking about employment of local people, understanding the ownership of the store and looking at the store’s financial records.

Once there is a clear picture of the store business, the Business Development Manager will come back and talk to the community about the management agreement contract, which explains the responsibilities of both parties and how the store will be run.