Importance of Nutrition

Good nutrition is fundamental for good health. It is the process by which we obtain food and use it for growth, keeping our bodies working properly and warding off diseases.

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Kids can now eat fresh fruit and a school lunch program means they are getting the fuel they need to help them concentrate and play sport.

In contrast, poor nutrition affects the body in a bad way and has been identified as the most significant factor contributing to the declining health status of Indigenous people. It has been linked to heart disease, kidney damage and diabetes. In children, it can stunt growth, cause tiredness and lead to poor concentration at school.

Many remote Indigenous communities have not had reliable sources of healthy, affordable food. Stores not being run well can mean empty shelves and people having to travel hundreds of kilometres to buy their groceries.

The nutrition strategy also aims for stores and takeaways to be supportive environments where customers are encouraged to make healthy food choices because the options are affordable and the range is appealing.

Outback Stores’ nutritional goals are:

  • To make sure a nutritious, affordable and quality food supply is available;
  • Stores and takeaways creating supportive environments where healthy food choices are easier choices; and
  • The community in which people live supporting the promotion of health outcomes.

Download the Nutrition Strategy (308kb PDF)