Our Conduct

The Outback Stores Code of Conduct explains the standard of conduct required by all staff members when dealing with each other, communities, suppliers, contractors and anyone they interact with in business.

Fair Trading

Outback Stores will provide communities with the confidence it will always be open, honest, trustworthy and transparent in all dealings with them.

Outback Stores will work with suppliers of goods and services in a constructive and fair manner.

Outback Stores will interact with competitors in a fair and reasonable manner.

Safety, Health and Wellbeing

Outback Stores will provide a working and shopping environment where staff members and customers are safe. Outback Stores will not accept behaviour that puts at risk the safety of staff members, customers, suppliers, contractors or anyone it interacts with. This includes physical and psychological violence or harm, or threats of violence or harm.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

Outback Stores is committed to diversity and equal opportunity. It recognises and appreciates the value of differences, internally amongst staff members and also externally amongst communities, suppliers, contractors and anyone it interacts with. It will not accept harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying or any other inappropriate workplace behaviour.

Conflict of Interest

Where any possible situations arise involving staff members, customers, suppliers and other parties, Outback Stores works closely with staff to resolve potential or actual conflict of interest. This can happen where a staff member makes an Outback Stores business decision, or influences a decision (of a supplier, customer, contractor, another staff member), that provides a personal benefit to themselves or a related third party such as a partner, relative, business or associate.

Confidentiality of Information

Information is considered confidential when it is not readily available to the public. Outback Stores will not accept the unauthorised disclosure of confidential information.


Outback Stores is committed to ensuring the privacy of individuals and safeguarding the personal information provided by staff members, potential staff members, communities, suppliers, contractors and anyone else it interacts with. Outback Stores will not accept collection, use or disclosure of information for anything other than the purpose for which it is required.

Company Resources

Outback Stores will not accept deliberate or reckless damage to, or the theft or misuse of its resources, or the resources of others who it interacts with. Resources include: stock, money, equipment, stationery, files, data, records, computer hardware and software, intellectual property and company work time