Fridges a cool idea in Papunya

Fridges a cool idea in Papunya

The Papunya Store is giving back to the community just in time for the scorching desert summer.

The store directors have decided to purchase and deliver 70 new refrigerators, one for each house in the community and surrounding homelands with some of the profits from the previous quarter.

“It’s something that we really need out here when it’s hot. Not many houses had a working fridge before, people were really happy and excited when they got their new fridge. ” Said director Sammy Butcher.

Since working with Outback Stores in April this year prices have been reduced and the stores profit results have increased significantly.

“We have a really strong group of directors here in Papunya. Together we have decided to reinvest more profits back into the community for things that are important and help everyone. We have been talking about purchasing washing machines for the entire community like we did with the fridges. At Christmas time we will also be handing out gift vouchers so people can buy gifts or food.” Said Chairperson Dalton MacDonald.

Traditional Owner for the region Alison Anderson was also positive about the direction that the store committee is taking for the future.

“It’s been great having Outback Stores working with the community. Initially we saw prices come down and now we are seeing improved profit returns as well. Importantly these funds are now being returned for the benefit for all community members.” She said.