Health & Nutrition

Outback Stores works with Indigenous communities to ensure a nutritious, affordable and quality food supply in remote areas of Australia.

Healthy food

Outback Stores is in the business of improving access to affordable and healthy food to improve the health of Indigenous people in remote communities.

Good food helps everyone stay healthy and prevent and manage chronic condition such as obesity, heart disease, kidney disease and diabetes. Children need good food to grow and develop normally. Poor nutrition can lead to anaemia, stunted growth, tiredness and poor outcomes at school.

Healthy Food Strategy Goals

Outback Stores supports healthy choices and has a strong focus on improving nutrition through reducing sugary drinks and supporting healthy food choices by:

  1. Ensure a wide range of nutritious, safe, affordable, quality food, drink and grocery items are consistently available
  2. Make healthy food choices easier, while still maintaining choice
  3. Increase awareness and understanding of healthy food, among customers, store staff and Store Committees
  4. Support community, research and legislative initiatives to reduce the use of tobacco in communities

View the healthy food strategy.

Making healthier choices, easier choices


  • Fresh fruit and vegetables freight free
  • Lower mark up for healthy foods
  • $1 for 600ml water
  • Diet drinks more expensive than water
  • Diet drinks at least 25% cheaper than full sugar varieties
  • No discounting of sugary drinks


  • Fresh fruit and veg at the front of the store
  • Water fridges at the front of the store
  • Sugary drinks located towards the back of the store
  • At least 50% display of diet drinks and water
  • Large long-life fruit drink not displayed in fridges


  • Regular promotion of healthier lines such as fresh fruit and vegetables, water and diet drinks
  • No promotion of confectionary, sugary drinks or chips


  • Core range of quality fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Full range of diet drinks and water
  • Diet sports drinks instead of sugary sports drinks
  • Largest size of sugary drinks 1.25 litres
  • Smaller serve sizes of sugary drinks


Tonnes of fruit & vegetables sold in communities.

Statistics from 2022 Annual Report


Tonnes reduction of sugar consumed through sugary drinks

Statistics from 2022 Annual Report