Ara Wankatjara Nyinanyi (Good Health Story)

Ara Wankatjara is the inspirational story of the most remote Aboriginal community in Australia and their work overcoming health problems caused by a western diet.

This unique and heartfelt documentary gives a moving insight into how the people of Tjuntjuntjara took control of their future and made positive health changes within their remote community.

From Tjuntjuntjara community directors Debbie Hansen and Josie McArthur:

“We are the Spinifex people from the Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia. A proud and strong people. This is our story about how we are trying to improve the health of our people to keep our culture strong. We hope everyone enjoys this.”

This community-driven project was a joint venture between Outback Stores, the Paupiyala Tjarutja Aboriginal Corporation and Flywire films.