Community Services in Western Australia

Outback Stores has expanded its range of services with the signing of community service agreements in the communities of Kunawarritji and Parnngurr, home of the Martu people in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.
Both have populations of around 100 people and are found in one of the most inaccessible regions of Australia. Due to these factors, the communities had experienced difficulties in ensuring food security, amongst many other challenges.
In consultation with the directors of each Aboriginal corporation, as well as the state government, Outback Stores customised a unique management agreement that ensures food security alongside municipal services, while facilitating good governance. With a view to improve social and commercial outcomes, the agreement ensures the smooth delivery of key services to these small populations, while also encouraging local skills development, career growth and ongoing sustainability
Shkarra and Matt

Top: Kunawarritji store staff taking an interest in community construction work
Bottom: Lawn and garden beds in progress outside Kunawarritji community centre

It is rewarding to help bring about positive change and development of a community. 

– Alan Krumin, Community Services Coordinator in Kunawarritji

For the first time, Outback Stores is assisting communities not only with their local store, but also with municipal services such as rubbish removal, maintaining the airstrip and firebreaks, electricity and water supply.
Since working with Outback Stores both Kunawarritji and Parnngurr have seen renovations to their stores – with new fridges, shelving, cash registers and operating systems – as well as a greater range of products, cheaper fruit and vegetables and increased sales.
“We get a lot of comments on how fantastic the store looks now,” says Dianne McGill, Community Services Coordinator in Parnngurr.
With governance processes clearly explained by Outback Stores, the directors of the local boards are taking an active interest in making decisions for their community.
“I’m looking forward to better business for all the Martu,” says ‘C.J.’ Christopher Johns, chairperson of Kunawarritji Aboriginal Corporation.
This story features in the Outback Stores Annual Report 2021-22
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Parnngurr community members with Andrew Johanson from Outback Stores

I’m looking forward to better business for all the Martu.

– Christopher Johns ‘CJ’, chairperson of Kunawarritji Aboriginal Corporation