Outback Stores work with a number of key partners to ensure fresh fruit and vegetables and kitchen staples are not only affordable but available year-round.

Making fresh food accessible in the outback

Ensuring a wide range of nutritious, safe, affordable, quality food, drink and grocery items are consistently available, is one of our cornerstone objectives.

We work with some of the most remote communities in Australia, in most cases, the closest regional centres are hundreds of kilometres away. The community store is generally the only way to access fresh and healthy options.

Ensuring communities have access to fresh and affordable throws up many challenges, including long distance and perishability of produce, extreme weather: including, heat, drought, cyclones and rainfall. It is not uncommon for stores to be inaccessible by road for weeks or months at times. Stock is flown in by light plane or chopper.

Regardless, all stores receive their fresh fruit and vegetables freight free, meaning that prices are comparable with major centres and larger supermarkets.

Food Accessibility Stories

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