Introducing the Indigenous Advisory Group

Last year Outback Stores established a new, independent advisory group to assist the company in achieving its purpose and strategic priorities.

The Indigenous Advisory Group’s members are influential and well-respected Indigenous leaders that provide expertise, cultural knowledge, and lived experience from remote communities.

George Lee Wilson lives in Balgo, Western Australia and is a qualified interpreter, as well as a board member of the Wirramanu Aboriginal Corporation. He has first-hand experience of working alongside Outback Stores in the management of a community store and brings his unique experience of navigating complex community relationships and interests.

“I am happy to be on this committee because I know how important it is to each community that their stores are managed well,” said George.

Prospective members are identified by the Outback Stores Executive Team and appointed by the Board for a term of two years.

The current members represent the wide geographic footprint that is serviced by Outback Stores:
• Mary O’Reeri (West Kimberley)
• Michael Liddle (East MacDonnell Ranges)
• Bobby Nunggumajbarr (Yugul Mangi)
• George Lee Wilson (Tanami)
• Peter Lindsay (Nyirranggulung)
• Rex Tjami (Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Lands)
• Dalton Macdonald (West MacDonnell Ranges)

“We welcome these first members of the Indigenous Advisory Group to the Outback Stores team and look forward to the valuable contribution of these community leaders”, said Outback Stores Chairperson Dr Susan Gordon.

The Indigenous Advisory Group is classified as a non-statutory, independent, skills-based group that provides advice to the Board through the Outback Stores Chairperson and the Chief Executive Officer.


Story first published in the Outback Stores 2021 Annual Report.