Become a Store Manager

Store managers are responsible for overseeing community stores to ensure the store operates efficiently, complies with all standards and the store’s finances are properly managed for the benefit of the community. They also make sure Outback Stores’ Nutrition and Health policy is implemented and adhered to.

The main tasks of a Store Manager include:

  • Organising and overseeing the preparation, ordering, display and sale of stock
  • Organising and coordinating the transportation of stock
  • Maintaining the store layout and display
  • The employment, training and supervision of Indigenous store employees
  • Meeting the compliance and legislative requirements associated with the management of a community store, including, but not limited to Occupational Health and Safety, Food Safety, Fair Work requirements, and store specific licensing and permits
  • Building good relationships with the community 
  • Adhering to established store operating procedures and
  • Adhering to the OBS Nutrition Strategy
Store Managers

Pete and Barb, Beswick Community Store Managers

What are We Looking For?

People who want to become an Outback Stores store manager, relief manager or assistant manager are assessed in the following key areas – behavioural competencies, personal characteristics, technical knowledge and job-specific skills.

Successful applicants will have the skills necessary to be entrusted with the management of a store. They will also have the character and personality to be able to take things in their stride and interact positively with the people in the community in which they will be living.

Characteristics of a Store Manager

Leading people – through empowerment, building teams, valuing diversity, respecting others, sharing knowledge and clearly communicating the vision and mission of the store and Outback Stores.
Building relationships – engaging and building capacity in the community by working with the community stakeholders and building relationships in a cross-cultural environment.
Stewardship – behaving with high integrity, being honest and forthright, acting equitably, ethically and professionally and treating others with mutual respect.
Delivery focus – accomplishing tasks by thinking strategically, showing concern for all aspects of the job, accurately checking processes and tasks and monitoring quality and consistency. This includes putting customers first and generating creative solutions that are translated into action.
Health and safety – ensuring that health and safety is the absolute priority in everything that is done, never compromising people’s safety or health, showing concern and respect for staff work/life balance and raising issues or concerns on health and safety.
Simple approach – avoid making things complex, embrace simple approaches and promote simplicity by leading through example.
Accountability – always being accountable to the organisation, showing transparency in all business matters and following through on promises.

Technical Knowledge and Job Specific Skills

The following will be highly regarded in applicants for store and assistant store manager roles:

  • Retail experience (compulsory)
  • Strong computer literacy
  • First Aid certificate (desirable)
  • Forklift licence (desirable)
  • 4WD experience (desirable)
  • Cultural awareness and experience in engaging and building relationships with different cultures
  • Leadership skills
  • Positive attitude to work

What You Can Expect

The everyday challenges of running a store in a remote Indigenous community mean that life for an Outback Stores store manager is never dull. The job comes with a great responsibility to fulfil the ideals and aspirations of Outback Stores.

One of Outback Stores’ key aims is to improve the health of people living in remote Indigenous communities. 

We do this by:

  • Providing a range of healthy food options in community stores 
  • Working with a nutritionist to ensure the right products are displayed appropriately and are easy to find
  • Checking that food is transported and stored properly, that it is clean and safe to eat, and that goods aren’t sold past their use-by dates
  • Supporting community activities related to promoting healthy behaviours by working with store committees, community groups, health service providers, schools, child care centres and research organisations

Store managers are the frontline in fulfilling this goal and hold a very special place within the organisation.

Conditions in communities vary. Store managers in different locations can have differing experiences, which can also be influenced by how long the stores have been under Outback Stores management.  

Communities are generally alcohol-free and there is plenty of social activity.  The weekend football games and carnivals are popular forms of leisure. 

Store managers are provided with a house that is comparable to others in the community and it is furnished with all the basic needs. Where possible, they are also provided with access to a suitable vehicle.

Other Information

It is important that all applicants appreciate and understand the remoteness of the communities in which they may be located. The housing standards are different compared to cities and may not be suitable for families with children or pets.

As part of the recruitment process all applicants will need to complete: 

  • Pre-employment medical;
  • National Criminal History check; and
  • Initial and random testing for illegal drugs.

Outback Stores’ Human Resources team can assist in answering any questions or queries you may have about the recruitment process.

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying to become an Outback Stores manager, contact the Human Resources Department in the Darwin support office on (08) 8982 1900. An online application forms can be submitted directly or alternately downloaded from this site and returned along with your resume by mail, fax or email to:

Apply online

Download Store Manager Application Form
Mail: Human Resources Outback Stores PO Box 1953 Berrimah NORTHERN TERRITORY 0828 Phone: (08) 8982 1900 Fax: (08) 8982 1901 

Once You Have Applied

Once the application has been received a phone interview with a representative from the HR department will be arranged. If successful, a face-to-face interview will follow (location will be negotiated) along with further recruitment activity including Reference Checks, Pre Employment Medical and Criminal History Check. If Outback Stores believes the applicant meets its recruitment criteria, a letter of offer will be sent and a training date proposed. The letter of offer will be accompanied by forms for the necessary travel arrangements to be made, which must be signed and returned.