Our Purpose

To be a sustainable business that makes a positive difference in the health, employment and economy of remote Indigenous communities by improving food affordability and availability, nutrition and community services.


Outback Stores works with Indigenous communities to ensure a nutritious, affordable and quality food supply in remote areas of Australia. Having access to fresh and affordable fruit and vegetables is critical to enabling food security. The provision of such food is vital for encouraging consumers to meet their nutritional requirements as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

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Outback Stores work with a number of key partners to ensure fresh fruit and vegetables and kitchen staples are not only affordable but available year-round.

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Outback Stores remains committed to providing meaningful employment, career pathways, and an opportunity to complete nationally accredited training for local people whilst remaining on country.

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We work with inspiring people in remote locations to achieve our shared goals. Take a look at how together we are making a difference.

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