Outback Stores welcomes Kunawarritji

Outback Stores is expanding its range of services to remote Indigenous communities, with the recent signing of a 12-month contract with Kunawarritji Aboriginal Corporation, representatives of the Martu people. Not only will Outback Stores oversee the store, but it will also assist with managing the corporation.

Kunawarritji is a community in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, halfway along the famous Canning Stock Route. Due to its small population and remote location the community has recently been experiencing difficulties in ensuring food security amongst other challenges.

“I’m excited that our community is working with Outback Stores. We see many possibilities for the future,” Larry Bundabar, Chairperson, Kunawarritji Aboriginal Corporation.

In consultation with the community and directors of the Kunawarritji Aboriginal Corporation, Outback Stores have customised a unique management agreement that will ensure the smooth delivery of key services to this small population, while also encouraging local skills development and career growth.

The community is also known as Well 33, because it was an important water stop on the Canning Stock Route. Some years ago the community windmill fell into disrepair, but recently this iconic symbol of the community has started pumping water again.

“The school kids finished early to come out and see the windmill working. It made their day to see the water flowing from the mill for the first time in two years,” Scott Burridge, Community Services Coordinator, Kunawarritji Community.

Well 33, Kunawarritji offers a campground and 16-room accommodation complex, for adventurous travellers keen on four wheel driving. The community welcomes visitors to the land of the Martu people and are looking forward to the Canning Stock Route opening again once COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Outback Stores CEO Michael Borg recently visited Kunawarritji and was impressed by the leadership of the community.

“It was great to meet the directors at Kunawarritji Aboriginal Corporation and hear them talk about the positive work Outback Stores has been doing so far. We look forward to working alongside the Martu people further, to create the community they want to see”, said Michael Borg.