Dietitians Week 2023

As part of Dietitians Week 2023, Outback Stores and Sunrise Health Service collaborated with the aim of sharing nutrition knowledge and cooking skills with the Beswick community. The result, however, was something much more than that. We travelled out to Beswick community and conducted an education and cooking session with five local women of  different ages who were keen to learn more about health and nutrition.

We all contributed to cooking the chicken noodle stir-fry with nutrition education being part of the dialogue and ongoing conversation. We incorporated practical applications during the cooking session and discussed how to identify healthier products in the store using the Good Tucker App. Fruit and water were also provided and identified as healthier snacks and drinking options. We discussed how different ingredients are healthy and not so healthy, and ways to incorporate healthier cooking ingredients at home. The topics of education included the salt content of foods and sugar-sweetened beverages and healthier alternatives.  We touched on the health implications of too much sugar and salt in their diet.

Shkarra and Matt

Top: Anna Murison at Beswick Store during Dietitians Week 2023, aiming to increase intake and awareness of fruit and vegetables and water in the store.
Bottom: Dietitians Anna Murison (Outback Stores) and Annette Robson (Sunrise Health) demonstrating healthy recipe ideas

It was fantastic to see the desire and interest for more activities within the community.

– Anna Murison

The evaluation completed by the participants mentioned they would recommend this session to others in their community.  Each participant was able to tell us what they learnt from the session, and it was fantastic to see the desire and interest for more activities within the community.

The group invited us back for a sharing of knowledge from their community and culture. We plan to follow this session up with further collaboration and knowledge exchange of culture and community with healthy eating and nutrition education intertwined within this.

  • Written by Anna Murison, Outback Stores’ Health & Nutrition Manager and Annette Robson (Sunrise Health).

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Note: Signage created in partnership with Uncle Jimmy Thumbs Up and Arnhem Land Progress Association.

Ashley and Karen in Car Photo

Top: Cooking demonstration in Beswick community
Bottom: Local community members enjoying a healthy chicken noodle stir-fry