Welcome to Monash University students

Welcome to Monash University students

Outback Stores are currently hosting four Nutrition and Dietetic students from Monash University – Adelaide, Maryam, Jasmine and Ciara. They will be with us for ten weeks until the 17th of November.

Year after year Outback Stores continues to support positive health outcomes for remote communities. Although full-sugar soft drink sales have reduced over the years due to nutrition strategies, dry table sugar remains the highest contributor to sugar sales.

With this in mind, the student project will explore barriers, limitations and enablers for reducing the consumption of table sugar within remote Indigenous communities and develop key recommendations to combat table sugar sales within Outback Stores managed locations. In addition to this, the students will learn the importance of developing cultural safety outlines and the significance of developing key stakeholder relationships.

A new part of their placement is mapping the food supply within the context of this organisation, involving meetings with key stakeholders and suppliers.

We look forward to supporting the students’ journey throughout their placement!

Shkarra and Matt

Top: Fruit and vegetables at Nauiyu Store, Daly River
Bottom: Visiting Independent Grocers Australia